2023 Netherlands-Korea

Invitational Ceramic Exhibition

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  • Congratulatory Message
    I congratulate the opening of the 2023 Netherlands-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition! It's a great honor to host the exhibition at Seoul Cyber University, sponsored by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Seoul. I would like to express my gratitude to Ambassador Joanne Doornewaard and all the participating ceramic artists for their contributions in making this exhibition a success.

    Seoul Cyber University is not only the first but also the best cyber university in Korea, providing online education to adult learners who work and study together. For the past 23 years, we have offered a wide range of majors, including culture and arts fields such as multimedia design, fine arts, piano, voice majors, and more, with excellent professors. Recently, these majors have gained popularity among students. Additionally, Seoul Cyber University has established international partnerships with prestigious universities around the world, actively collaborating with them to provide our students with more opportunities for global experiences and networking.

    Korea has a rich history and tradition in ceramic art. By sharing the Netherlands' extensive history and tradition of ceramic art and further developing our cultural relationships, we hope to support the future cultural development of both nations. I believe that the 2023 Netherlands-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition can serve as a significant indicator of cultural development, foster collaboration among artists, and contribute to the education of future human resources in both countries.

    I extend my warm appreciation to all the participating ceramic artists from both nations and everyone who has made this exhibition possible.
    Congratulatory Message
    It is a great honour to host the 2023 Netherlands-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition at Seoul Cyber University. The Netherlands is one of the friendliest nations with Korea, which has a deep understanding of Korea. It is meaningful to share ceramic art with both nations, exhibiting contemporary pieces rooted in the long histories and traditions that have been passed down in both countries. In this day and age, where the world has become one, it is important to introduce ourselves to the world and gain an appreciation of different cultures through ceramic art.

    We now live in an international society. Through this exhibition, we will have an important opportunity to learn about the Netherland contemporary ceramic art that has progressed from its long history and tradition.
    By introducing Korean contemporary ceramic art to the world, I hope this exhibition will contribute to planning the future developmental directions of both nations' ceramic art.
    I also hope that both nations' development of ceramic art and cultures may play a leadership role in the future society, fostering understanding and cooperation with warm relationships as friendly nations.
    Congratulatory Message
    It is a great honour to hold the 2023 Netherlands-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition at Seoul Cyber University. The Netherlands was a combatant nation during the Korean War in 1950 and has since maintained a warm brotherhood relationship with Korea.
    The long history and tradition of ceramic art in the Netherlands has progressed into contemporary ceramic art.
    Korean history and tradition of ceramic art are well-known worldwide. It is meaningful to introduce, share, and develop both nations' cultures and ceramic arts together. It is a duty for all human beings to understand and cooperate with each other.
    Through this exhibition, we will study and understand the similarities and differences of ceramic art between both nations and strive to develop together.

    I appreciate the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Seoul and Ambassador Joanne Doornewaard for supporting this exhibition. I also appreciate Seoul Cyber University , Vice President Lee Hyang Ah for organizing this exhibition and Mr. Willy van Bussel, who has worked hard as a representative ceramist of the Netherlands to ensure its success.
    I hope that ceramic artists from both nations can cooperate and contribute to the future of the world ceramic field.
    Congratulatory Message
    As curator of the Dutch ceramicists delegation, I congratulate the Seoul Cyber University, and specially Prof. Lee, Boo Yun and her department with this Ceramic Exhibition . I’m also very proud and honoured to be one of the participants.

    Hopefully the exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics will be very successful and make a contribution to promote the cultural and artistic passion between Korea and the Netherlands in the near future.

    I appreciate the support of both Embassies and also want to thank Paula Bastiaansen for her contribution in selecting the ceramic artists. At last a big applause for the Dutch and Korean artists !!
    Anita Manshanden
    • 1966 Born in Heiloo , The Netherlands. Lives and works in Amsterdam.
    • 1986-1991 Educated at the Rietveld Academy of Fine Artsrts Amsterdam, Leicester Polytechnic UK and Limerick School of Art and Design Ireland
    • Exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad Germany, France , Italy
    • Collections Grassi museum Leipzig, Faenza Italie, Zuiderzeemuseum the Netherlands.
    Anton Reijnders
    • Taiwan Ceramic Biennale 2022
    • “Handle with care” Keramiek Museum Princessenhof, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands 2022
    • A Story Beyond the Sea: Dutch Ceramics Now. Korean International Ceramics Biennale, 2001, South Korea
    • Solo show: Studio Jespers, Brussels, Beglium
    • Solo Show: FRACAS gallery, Brussels, Beglium FRACAS gallery, Brussels, Beglium
    Babs Haenen
    • Dutch ceramist Babs Haenen was born in Amsterdam in 1948 in the Netherlands. She is a world-renowned artist famous for her biomorphic ceramics, which are often described as expressive and impressionistic, wild and full of motion. Haenen is a graduate of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She has taught extensively, won a number of prestigious awards and has undertaken several high profile, public commissions in The Netherlands
    • Her work can be found in the permanent collections of museums including the Metropolitan Museum, New York, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Boijmans-van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam, Carnegie Institute Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Cooper-Hewitt Museum and Museum of Art and Design, New York, Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Museum of Fine Art, Boston and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    Barbara Nanning
    • Ceramic - Glass Sculptor
    • Born: 03-01-1957, The Hague
    • I always work from the circle, it’s an archetype. The center of the circle is a resting point, from there, the movement emanates … That’s what I do: capturing the essence of movement and growth in my work.
    Beatrijs van Rheeden
    • Born in 1965, studied ceramics in Netherlands and Hungary.
    • Ceramist and mixed media artist, member of the International Academy of Ceramics.
    • Won the Westerwald Keramik award 2009, Neue Keramik Prize 2018 and was selected to exhibit in Korea 2019.
    • Helps organising the pottery festival in Gouda.
    Cecil Kemperink
    • Cecil Kemperink's sculptures show her multi-faceted background in art, dance, textile and fashion. She studied Textile and Art, one year Fashion and is still dancing. The connection between her various passions becomes visible within her sculptures. She explores 'space' and plays with rhythm, shape, sound, movement and energy. Kemperink regularly exhibits in Europe and Asia, makes performances, films and catwalk shows. Her work can be found in several museums around the world and in private collections.
    Deirdre McLoughlin
    • 2021 Honorary Doctorate, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    • 2021 Pioneering Women, Oxford Ceramics Gallery, UK
    • 2018 Loewe Craft Prize finalist
    • 2014/2004 Winner, Ceramics of Europe Westerwald Prize, Germany
    Erna Futselaar
    • 1992-1997 AKI, Academy of fine arts Enschede NL, graduated specialization ceramics
    • 2000 IWCAT, artist in residence period in Tokoname Japan.
    • 2001-2021 Border member NVK, gallery owner, teaching ceramics, organizing art events
    • 1999-2023 Exhibitions in Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Belgium, USA, Spain
    • 2013-2023 lasercutting and engraving porcelain sheets
    Esther Stasse
    • Gerrit Rietveld Academie 1992
    • Art Fair PAN Amsterdam with Gallery Passi 2022
    • Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam 2022
    • CoDa Museum Apeldoorn 2021
    • Art Fair KunstRAI Amsterdam, Gallery Carla Koch 2020
    Harm van der Zeeuw
    • Harm van der Zeeuw trained in the ceramic industry where he gained an understanding of technical and chemical processes while developing an interest in ceramic art. A constant theme in his work is the influence of technology in society. His fantasy machines appear to be primitive and postapocalyptic, while at the same time driven by humorous, mystical figures. He will be providing a glimpse into the amazing world of design, converting daily objects into a whole new artwork using clay.
    • www.harmvanderzeeuw.exto.nl
    • Educated and diplomas in the ceramics industry
    • Stand on several international ceramics markets in Europe. Participant in the international ceramic festival Wales Aberystwyth
    Helmie Brugman
    • 1984 Graduated from Academy for Fine Arts Fontys , M.A. Tilburg NL
    • 1984 and 2012 Residencies at the European Ceramic Work Centre, EKWC, Oisterwijk NL
    • 2022 XV Biennal International de Ceramica de Manises
    • 2021 KICB21-Korean International Ceramic Biennale; International Ceramics Festival Mino ’20, Japan; 61ste Faenza Prize (Premio Faenza Talks)
    • 2019 KICB 2019 -Korean International Ceramic Biennale, digital exhibition; Vallauris 2019- 25th International Biennial Contemporary Ceramics
    Henk Wolvers
    • 1974-1979 Education: AKI Enschede +Royal Academy ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL
    • 1994 INAX Design Prize, Artist in Residence, Tokoname, Japan
    • 2005 + 2010 Artist in Residence, EKWC ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL
    • 2012 Artist in Residence, Jingdezhen, China
    • Work in many museum collections e.g. V& London, UK
    Job Heykamp
    • Jutphaas 1954
    • Ceramist since 1989
    • “I connect my experience to the process of turning and glazing, in which color and movement are key concepts”
    Jolanda Verdegaal
    • Born in 1952; trained as a teacher of visual arts and health sciences. Specialized in ceramics.
    • Since my first exhibition in 1991 my work can be seen in private collections, galleries and museums in the Netherlands and abroad (including the United Kingdom, USA, Taiwan, South Korea and China).
    • Teaching ceramics since 1997; from 2014 at the Netherlands Ceramics Training Institute in Gouda
    • I held board positions in artists' associations, was member of exhibition committees and balloting committees.
    • 2018 – lifetime achievement award for my work; 2019 - bronze award at the China Changchun International Ceramics Contest; 2020 - bronze award at the 8th Taiwan International Golden Teapot Competition.
    Lei Hannen
    • Born 1954 The Netherlands(www.leihannen.nl)
    • Study pottery Joop Crompvoets 1981( NL) and Saad Alani 2000( Iraq )
    • Workshops in China, Morocco, Mongolia, Japan and Malaysia.
    • Expositions Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Mongolia Norway, The Netherlands, Austria and Spain. ( 1987 -2023 )
    • Winner of the Culture Price of the community Echt-Susteren
    Marga Knaven
    • started ceramic studies at art academy 's Hertogenbosch
    • participation in competition Icheon South Korea 2009 2011
    • residency EKWC The Netherlands 1995/2007
    • publication ceramic art and perception international issue 76/90
    • ceramic teacher
    Maria ten Kortenaar
    • 1985, Goldsmith at Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
    • 2009 Winner Special Prize , World Ceramics Biennale Koreaa
    • 2014 Honorable mention Ceramics Festival Mino Japan
    • 2017 Honorable mention Ceramics Festival Mino Japan
    • 2022 Blanc de Chine competition Beijing
    Marie-Josée Comello
    • 2010 BFA/MFA PXL MAD faculty Belgium
    • 2016 International Martinsons Gold Award (LV)
    • 2017 Audience Award museum ‘De Domijnen’ (NL)
    • 2018 Second Prize Biennale Ceramic Art Andenne (BE)
    • 2021 Second Prize XV Bienal Internacional Cerâmica Artistica di Aveiro (PT)
    Mieke de Groot
    • 1980 -1985 Gerrit Rietveld Academie,ceramic design
    • 1985 Basic grant, WVC
    • 1992 Dutch Grant, Fonds voor de Beeldende Kunst
    • 1985 -2022 Exibitions in Europe, Korea, China
    • 2001 - now Teaching: developing Glazes at NKO Gouda,
    • My work is represented by Gallery Terra, Delft Holland
    Mieke Pontier
    • Beginning with ceramics 1965 Beginning with glass 1988
    • Education: Academie of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands. Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • Exhibitions: The Netherlands: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Glassmuseum Leerdam. Abroad: Faenza, Italy; Switzerland, Norway, France, Siberia, Germany.
    • Artist in residence: 2014, at the EKWC, European Ceramic Work Centre s’Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
    • Work commissioned by musea and collectors
    Niek Hoogland
    • Born in Tegelen, Limburg, 1953
    • 1980-1990 Pottery training in Tegelen, Swalmen, Milsbeek andBeesel
    • Independent potter at Pottenbakkerij Hoogland since 1991
    • Exhibitions in various galleries and museums in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Korea, Japan, France, Greece
    Nirdosh Petra van Heesbeen
    • 1974 graduated at Art School Netherlands
    • from that time practice salt and wood firing in self built gas and wood kilns, throwing with French stoneware and porcelain
    • ceramic study travels to Germany , France, Italy, India, Thailand, China
    • doing lectures and writings about all subjects in ceramics
    • from 1980 till now working half year in my studio in France ( La Borne) and half year in my studio in the Netherlands
    Paula Bastiaansen
    • Roal Academy of Art and design, s’Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands Ceramic Art 1978-1983
    • Exhibitions: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Swiss, Croatia, United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Taiwan, South Korea
    • 2017 International Art Award “Blanc de Chine” second prize (FR)
    • 2016 International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics - first prize (CR)
    • 2015 Ceramic Triënnale – first prize (NL)
    Simone van Bakel
    • 2022/23 Museum het Princessehof Leeuwarden “Handle with Care”
    • 2021 Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramics Korea “A Story behind the Sea: Dutch Ceramics Now” (ekwc)
    • 2020 Design Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch “Keramiek in Quarantaine”
    • 2019 Pan Amsterdam (Huub Hannen Galerie)
    • 2018 Kunstrai (Huub Hannen Galerie)
    Swanica Ligtenberg
    • 2023 Art Eindhoven honorable mention for vases, Netherlands.
    • 2021 ICAN Awards Green Cup and Comforting Sculpture, USA.
    • 2009+2010 in Yixing, Shanghai Jingdezhen Museums, China.
    • 2013 Jakarta Ceramic Museum, Indonesia.
    • 2014+2008 Mino and 2006+2008 Mashiko Awards, Japan.
    Tineke van Gils
    • 2019 Solo-exhibition of my 100 wheelthrown blue-white teapots, Museum Sanbao, Jingdezhen, China
    • 2022 Curator and exhibitant of the exhibition ‘Inspired by China’ , Chinese Cultural Center The Hague, The Netherlands
    • 2010 Solo-exhibition of my 100 wheel-thrown Blanc de Chine teapots, Yueji Gallery Dehua and Yueji Gallery Shanghai, China
    • 2018 selected for 2nd porcelain biennale Meissen, Germany
    • 2017 3rd prize, Musee Terra Rossa, Salernes, France
    Toon Thijs
    info@toonthijs-keramiek.com / www.toonthijs-keramiek.com
    • Born in 1948. Education: Academy of Arts in Tilburg and Arnhem(NL)
    • Start with Ceramic Studio Toon Thijs in 1988
    • Participated in a lot of international shows and exhibitions in the Netherlands, United Kingdom,
    • France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain
    Willy van Bussel
    • Ceramist since 1979
    • Member International Academy of Ceramics
    • “His eggshell thin cylinders and bowls, made of soft smooth pure porcelain carefully handcrafted on the potters wheel invite the passage of light through their delicate structure”
    Wil van Blokland
    • Academy of Arts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    • 100 national and international exhibitions, solo and group
    • Collections : Booymans van Beuningen (NL), Tiendschuur, Tegelen (NL) Museum Arnhem (NL), Edward Juddcollection (USA) and in many private collections (USA, Japan,the Netherlands, France, Germany)
    • Artist in residence in USA, Japan, China, Netherlands, Belgium
    • International ongoing ’Innersmileproject’, since 2005
    Yuk-Kan Yeung
    • Studied Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Postgraduate Diploma in Ceramics at Goldsmiths’ College, London
    • 1st prize, Theme competition “Obenauf”, 2007 International ceramic fair, Oldenburg, Germany
    • Held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Hong Kong China, Korea, UK, USA and Australia
    • Honourable mention at 3rd and 4th World Ceramic Biennale Korea
    • Works in public collections in, among others, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Netherlands, Hong Kong Museum of Art and Grassi Museum for Applied Art Leipzig, Germany
    An, Byoung Gug
    • Mok-Won university (BFA)
    • Kookminuniversity (MFA)
    • National ceramic School of Italy
    • 10 private exhibitions & around 200 group exhibitions.
    • The dean of the Department of Ceramic Art in Mok-Won university
    An, Hea Young
    • 2018 International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Seocho Art Center Gallery
    • 2018 tiger solo exhibition, Is gallery
    • 2020 2nd tiger solo exhibition, Topo house gallery
    • 2022 Comforting Forest Tiger Solo Invitation Exhibition, Samseyoung Art Museum
    • 2022~2023 Association of Contemporary Potters Exhibition, KCDF<Korea Craft Culture Promotion Agency>
    Cha, Jeong Il
    • Director, Korean ceramic subcommittee serve as a examiner of Chung-Nam
    • Art contest, Bo –Mun Art contest, Dae-Jeon Art Art contest.
    • Chairman, Youth subcommittee
    • Invited artist of Dae-Jeon Art Association
    • 11 times Solo exhibitions & about 150 tjmes group exhibitions
    • Professor, Ceramic Design, Mok-Won University
    Chang, Jee Won
    potchang@ naver.com
    • BFA Seoul National University
    • MFA Hongik University
    • 12 times Solo exhibition
    • Member of Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association
    Cho, Byung Hark
    • Graduated from Dankook grad school(Ceramic Crafts department).
    • Solo Exhibition 5 Times
    • 2014~2016 President of Craftsmen's association, inc. in the Korean Industrial artists association
    • 2018~2019 Chairman, The Korea ceramist association, inc. currently
    • 1992~2019 Professor, Ceramic Design, Induk University
    Choi, Eun Sil
    • 3 individual exhibitions, 31 team exhibitions
    • Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association Member
    • Korean Crafts Council Member
    • CEO, <Darin Gallery> Ceramic studio
    Choi, Gi Rim
    • Bachelor's degree in Ceramic Design, Kunsan National University
    • Master's degree in Special Education, Woosuk University
    • 2012 Mudeung Art Competition (Grand prize)
    • 2012 Korea Ceramics Competition (Gold prize)
    • 2018 Namwon International Ceramics Camp Invited Artist
    Choi, Ju Yeon
    • B.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University
    • M.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University
    • Cermic-team of Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute (Training)
    • 7 Times Solo Exhibitions
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Ceramic Design, Mokwon University
    Choi, Soo Jin
    • Attending the Doctoral program at Dankook University
    • B.F.A, M.F.A. Dankook University
    • 6times solo exhibitions and 50times group exhibitions
    • Adjunct professor, Hanyang Women’s University
    • Lecturer, Dankook University Lifelong Education Center
    Choi, Sung Jae
    • Professor, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage
    • Member of International Academy of Ceramics. (Swiss)
    • Member of Korea Society of Ceramic Arts
    • Member of Korean Contemporary Ceramic Arts Association.
    • Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. U.K.
    Han, Ju Won
    • MFA, BFA, Ewha Womans University
    • 2022 Solo Exhibition (Complesso Monumentale di San Giovanni, Cava de'tirreni, Italia)
    • 120+Group Exhibitions: 2022 Argilla (MUKY Gallery, Faenza, Italia, / 2022 Matres (Complesso Monumentale di San Giovanni,Cava de'tirreni, Italia)
    • Adjunt Professor, Induk University
    • Lecturer, Hanyang Womans University
    • Self-employed artist “Studio J1”
    Han, Young Sook
    • Associate Professor, Sungshin Wemen’s University
    • 2009~2018 5 times Solo Exhibitions
    • 2022 <YoonSaeng project6_Jumooljumool Casting>, LKATE Gallery
    Huh, Min Ja
    • Graduated from the graduate school of Design of Ewha Woman’s University(majoring in ceramic design)
    • Graduated from the applied arts department of Seoul National University
    • 21th ceramic art Exhibition by huh, min-ja(Jeju, Seoul, Japan, America)
    • 5. 2005 Cheongju international craft biennale (Cheongju, korea)
    • contemporary Korean ceramics exhibition – world ceramic expo(gwangju, korea)
    • Present: Professor emeritus, faculty of industrial design, jeju national university. Director, simhon ceramic studio & simhon gallery
    Hwang, Hyun Sook
    • 1972 M.A. in ceramic Design, University of Calif., Berkeley, U.S.A.
    • 1970 B.F.A. Seoul National University, Korea
    • 1984~1995 lectured at Seoul National University
    • 9 times solo exhibition
    • Permanent collection; National Museum of Contemporary Art
    Jang, Seok Hyun
    • Ph.D., Formative Arts, Dankook University
    • 21th Individual Exhibition
    • 2022 Hidden colours: Korean Contemporary Ceramic art (Belgium, France)
    • Lectures in the Department of Ceramic Art at Dankook University
    • CEO, Bake The Stones Art studio
    Jeong, Hee Kyun
    • B.F.A, Ceramics, College of Fine Art, Seoul National University
    • M.F.A, Ceramics, Seoul National University
    • Doctor of Art, Ceramics, Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo National University
    • Professor, Cramics, Craft Design, Kyungsung University
    Jeong, Ho Jeong
    • Completed Ph. D., Ceramics, Ewha Woman’s University
    • 7 times Solo Exhibitions
    • 2019 Perspectivism, Ewha Art Center,
    • 2019 Korean International Ceramic Biennale, Icheon,
    • 2019 Contemporary Ceramic in Asia, China Academy of Art Museum, Hangzhou, China
    Ji, Sang Hyun
    • Ceramics, Crafts, Konkuk University
    • Invitational Exhibition at Kyouei Gama Gallery, Japan
    • Korea Alice Gallery Invitation Exhibition
    • Hanmac C·C Gallery Invitation Exhibition
    • Gyeongin Museum of Art Solo Exhibition, 150 group exhibitions, etc.
    • Incheon Gyeyang Art Competition, Incheon Art Competition Judge Appointed.
    • Appointed as a judge for the Incheon Seo-gu Art Festival. Etc.
    Jo, Yong Kyu
    • Ph. D., Formative Arts and Design, Kunsan University
    • 11th solo exhibitions
    • First Artist of the Mudeung Art Exhibition
    • Instructor at Chonnam Provincial University
    • Mokpo Living Pottery Museum Educator
    Jung, Hyun Hee
    • M.F.A, Ceramic Design, Ewha Womans University
    • 5 Solo Exhibitions, more than 70 Group Exhibitions
    • Adjunct professor, Kookmin University
    • CEO, Hyun_clay art studio
    Kang, Byoung Ok
    • 1 Solo Exhibition, 120 Group Exhibitions
    • USA Invitational Exhibition of United States-Korean Cultural Center & BEIJING Invitation Exhibition of KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), etc.
    • Korea Ceramic Crafts Association, Art Association Exhibition, Dodum Ceramic Artist Exhibition, etc.
    • Principal & Design Teacher, Ansan Technical High School
    • Cellection of Gamgol Library, Ansan,
    Kang, In Kyung
    • 2015 Ph.D. Candidate, Sungshin Women’s University,
    • Solo Exhibitions 4 Times
    • 2021 Blooming From Earth-Yongsan Art & Craft Center Special Exhibition
    • Finalist 2021 International COFFEE CUP Competition
    • Member of IAC-AIC
    Kho, Sung Jong
    • 17 Solo Exhibitions, 450 Group Exhibitions
    • Imagination of Korea Exhibition, USA, Newzealand, Uzbekistan
    • Exhibition of Incorporated Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association
    • Dean, College of Arts and Physical Education, Gangneun Wonju National University
    • Head of Environmental Sculpture Research Center.
    Kim, Ki Jong
    • Graduated from Cheongju University's Faculty of Crafts and Graduate School
    • 17 individual exhibitions, 60 overseas exchange and invitation exhibitions, and 300 group exhibitions
    • Member of the Korea Crafts Association
    • Member of the Korea Art Association
    • First-time artist of the Chungbuk Art Association
    • Member of the Korea Pottery Association
    • Master of Chungbuk, Master of Chungcheongbuk-do a land and art representative
    Kim, Ji Hye
    • Professor, Ceramics, Ewha Womans University
    • 2022 TEST CASE(Ekwc, Netherlands)
    • 2021 into the new world: UTOPIA (Korean Craft Museum, Chung-ju, Korea)
    • 2020 IAC Member’s Exhibition (Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum, China)
    • 2019 Dreaming the Craft of the Future: Cheongju Craft Biennale (Dong Bu Chang Go, Chung-ju)
    Kim, Jin Yong
    • 1th Solo & 20th group Exhibitions
    • the doctor´s course Formative arts &Design Graduate School Kunsan National University
    • Member of Korea Craft Design Association
    • Member of Korea Society of Ceramic Art
    • Member of the Korea Society of Art&Design
    Kim, Joon Young
    • Professor, Myongji College
    • 2014 Silver Prize japan international Ceramics Competition Mino
    • 2011 Juror's Choice World Ceramic Biennale international Competition
    • 2011 Grand Prize Japan CCDO Design Award
    • 2007 Winner RED DOT Competition
    Kim, Mi Kyoung
    • Kim Mikyoung is known for combining Korean folk paintings with modern ceramics to enable coexistence between traditional and contemporary image. Her signature piece is “Mom’s Sewing Machine,” which combines floral patterns of traditional folk paintings and a sewing machine to create a sense of nostalgia.
      The artist trained younger students as a professor from the Myongji University, and currently, she works immersed in nature based in Okcheon.
      In addition to folk paintings, she observes natural objects and carves flower petals on ceramics to depict the refreshing nature.
      She currently works as the owner of Easy Ceramic Studio, which was founded in hopes to popularize Korean ceramics with nature-themed Buncheong ware.
    Kim, Shi Man
    • B.F.A/M.F.A Hong-ik University
    • 17th Solo Exhibition
    • 2010~2011 Chairman, Korea Society of Ceramic
    • 2020~2021 President, Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association
    • Professor, Sungshin Women’s University
    Kim, Suk Lan
    • M.F.A, Ceramic Art, Graduate School of Ewha Woman’s
    • B.F.A, Ceramic Art, Dan Kook University
    • 4 Solo Exhibition, Group Exhibition – over 100s
    • Adjunct professor, Induk University
    • CEO, Artist Kim’s Ceramic Studio
    Kim, Yoo Joo
    • M.F.A & B.F.A, Seoul National University College of Fine Art
    • 4times of solo show, dozens of group show, biennale etc.
    • 1990~2003 Lecture, Seoul National University, Gyeong-gi University, etc.
    • Artist member of IAC, member of KCCAA
    • Self-imployed artist “Studio 508”
    Kim, Young Aie
    • 1987 Ceramic Art, Ewha Woman’s University(M.F.A)
    • 1996~2021 Adjunct professor of Interior design(Hoseo College)
    • 2018.5 Taehangari of Chosun dynasty(Seongju Life Culture Festival)
    • 2019 International Contemporary Art Exhibition(Hiroshima, Japan)
    • 2020-21 Ceramic rice-cake pattern Special Exhibition(Konkuk museum)
    Kim, Young Sil
    • Sc. D. Art education, Hanyang University
    • Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, Island (2016), UK, Belgium, Netherland, Germany(2017), Turkey(2020), China(2021), Switzerland(2022)-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition
    • The 2nd Special Invitation Society for Art of Education of the Korea (2021)
    • The 100-person beauty pageant of Korea (Rome, Italy)
    • Seoul City Budget Committee Member (Department of Culture and Arts, 2020, 2019)
    • Visiting Professor, Shin Ansan University
    • lecturer, Baekseok Art University, Kangnam University, Seoil University,
    Lee, Boo Yun
    leebooyun@naver.com / leeby@hanyang.ac.kr
    • Juror, Selected artist, Invited artist, Korean Industrial designers' Exhibition
    • Chairman, Hong Kong(2012), Turkey(2013), Australia(2014), China(2015), Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, Island (2016), UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany(2017), Turkey(2020), China(2021), Switzerland(2022)-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition
    • Awards from Seoul City Major(2012) from Minister of culture, Sports and Tourism(2014), from Minister of Education(2014), from president of Korea, Kun Jung award(2018)
    • IAC member
    • Emeritus Professor, Hanyang University
    • Chair Professor, Seoul Cyber University
    Lee, Dong Ha
    ldh5526@hywoman.ac.kr / instagram: @haaha5526
    • B.F.A M.F.A, Dankook University
    • 14 times Solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions.
    • KOREA NEW! IN PARIS(Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris)
    • The Emergence Rise of East Asian Celadon(New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum)
    • Professor, Hanyang Women’s University
    Lee, Eun Jung
    • 11th Individual Exhibition.
    • The 48th Exhibition of professor College of Arts & Design Mokwon University.
    • The 41st Dowon Ceramic artist Association Exhibition.
    • The 7th Daejeon Women`s Art Exhibition.
    Lee, Eun Sun
    • 2019 MA, Sungshin University
    • 2012 The Ceramic Arts Awards of Korea - accepted
    • 2014 Seoul Contemprary Ceramic Arts Contest - accepted
    • 2016 East and West, Invitational Ceramic Exhibition
    • 2020 Solo Exhibition “CAPTURE OF EMOTION”
    Lee, Eun Young
    • 2011 Cardiff Master of Arts, University of Wales Institute
    • 2019.6.19~24 Open Lab: Material Possibility, KCDF 2,3 gallery
    • 2017.11.22~26 Spoon art fair
    • 2016.12.24.~28 Equivalent exchange, Incubator 52
    • 2016.8.23~9.3 DDproject, incubator 52
    Lee, Eun
    • 2019 Art Teleported Brookly NY, 100 bodart st Gallery, Newyork
    • 2015 Deceptive Desires – The 7th invited solo exhibition, Tongin Gallery
    • 2014 59.15%/Yr, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
    • 2012 Pacific Road, Korea Cultural Center, Los Angeles
    • 2011 House & Home, Clayarch Gimhae Museum
    Lee, Hun Gook
    • Former Dean, College of Art & Design, the Graduate School of Art Fusion Design Kyung Hee University
    • Participated in NICAF(Nambu International Contemporary Art Festival)
    • Participated in an exhibition at Gallery Antibes
    • Adviser, Korean Fine Arts Association
    • Executive Adviser, Seoul Fine Arts Association
    • Chairperson, 2023 Seoul Modern Art Show
    Lee, Hye Mi
    • 2022 Lecturer, Seoul National University
    • 2022 WIS Lecturer, Hanyang University
    • 2018~2021 Lecturer, Sungshin Women’s University
    • 2016 M.F.A, Ceramic Art, Seoul National University
    • 2012 B.F.A, Ceramic Art, Seoul National University
    Lee, Jeong Yong
    • Professor, Cultural Heritage, Korea National University
    • 2019 KCDF Craft and Design Competition Exhibition “Lee Jeong yong's White Porcelain (Seoul, KCDF Gallery)
    • 2015 Take the Old Create a New (Taiwan, Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan Art)
    • 2013 Porcelain Reloaded (Germany, Wurrttemberg Landesmuseum)
    • 2005 WOCEF “Ceramic House 2” (Yeoju, World Ceramic Living Ware Gallery)
    Lee, Ji Sook
    • 1994 M.F.A. Graduate School, Seoul National University
    • 1992 B.F.A. Seoul National University
    • 21 times of solo exhibitions
    • Many times of group exhibitions Wurrttemberg Landesmuseum
    Lee, Ji Woo
    easyw00@naver.com / Instagram: jiwoo.lee.studio_leeen
    • 2002 BA, Pusan National University
    • 2006 MA, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
    • Solo Exhibitions 11 times
    LEE, Jin Bok
    • Graduated From the college of art Hong-Ik University (Phd.Major-educational engineering)
    • 13th ceramic Exhibition (Seoul, Paris)
    • Over 250 times join in Invited Exhibition and Art Faire
    • Represestative of gongbang542
    Lee, Jong Min
    • Cearmic Artist
    • IAC Member since 2021
    • Chung Ang Crafts & Art Association, Member
    • BA, Crafts & Art, Chung Ang University
    Lee, Kot Tam
    • 2008 Tokyo University of the Arts School of Fine Arts Ceramics Department F.D.A
    • 14 Times Solo Exhibition(Korea, Japan)
    • 2013 Chief director of supporting agency Award, The 43th Korea Federation of Handicrafts Cooperatives, Korea
    • 2005 Splendor Award, The 1th Kikuchi-Biennale Exhibition, Tokyo
    • Adjunct Professor, College of Art and Living Design, Konkuk University
    Lee, Kyung Hee
    • 1967~1973 BFA&MFA, College of Fine Art, Seoul National University
    • 1984~1985 Studied in Faenza and Milano
    • 1981~2014 Professorship in Art College, Silla University
    • 1983~2013 15Times Solo Exhibitions
    • 1983~2014 Member of Korean contemporary ceramic artists association
    Lee, Myung Soon
    • Ph.D in Design, Kyunghee University
    • 13th Myung Soon Lee Individual Exhibition
    • Professor, Kunsan National University
    Lim, Hun Ja
    • 1986 Graduate School of Dankook University M.F.A.
    • 2016 Ph.D., SNUT University Graduate School of Nano IT Fusion Technology,
    • 1998~2022 20th Solo Exhibitions
    • 1998~2022 Attended in the People of 100 Korea Bowl Exhibition
    • 2014~2022 Attended in korea woman ceramist association
    • Professor, Ceramic, Dankook University
    Park, Mi Rae
    • B.F.A. Department of Crafts, Sungshin Women’s University
    • M.F.A. Department of Crafts, Sungshin Women’s University
    • 24th Tokyo Tableware Festival of Japan, Tokyo Dome, Japan
    • ‘Excellence Award’ by The 5st Korea Women Ceramist Association
    • 13 times group exhibition
    Park, Soo Yong
    • B.F.A., M.F.A. Seoul Natl’ University
    • Doctoral completion, Hanyang University
    • 4 times of Solo Exhibitions & Many times of Group Exhibitions
    • Member of KCCAA, BCAA, ISCAEE, KSBDA
    • Assistant Professor, Kyungsung University, President. BCAA
    Shin, Young Hyun
    • 2010 BFA Dankook University
    • 2014 MFA Dankook University
    • 1 time Solo exhibition and several group exhibitions
    • Part-time Lecturer, Hanyang Women's University
    • Present Owner, Bareun ceramic studio
    Song, Yon Ok
    • Holding the 7th private exhibitions by Song Yon-ok
    • The peach blossom village story compilation-encounter literature and ceramics.
    • Rhodes, Daniel(1999). Clay and Glazes for the Potter (Song Yon-ok, et. al,Trans. Hanyang University press)(Original work published 1973)
    • Ceramics Press Expo Commemoration(Clear Water Love Art Gallery)
    • Ceramics Technician Certificate No.136088
    Song, Mi Rim
    • 7th Solo Exhibition
    • Exchange Exhibition of professor's Glas gow University from England
    • Halle de I ile gallery in Geneva, Switzerland invitation
    • Japan Korea embassy invitation
    • Indonisia Korean embassy invitation
    • New York .River Side Gallery invitation
    • Present, Emeritus Professor, Ceramic Design, HanYang Womans University
    Suh, Dong Hee
    • 1977 University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, U.S.A. M.F.A.
    • 2021 Award to Christian Artist of Korea, Seoul
    • 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, Marquis Who’s Who
    • 2012-2023 Solo exhibition at the Bible House of Ceramic Art, Seoul
    • Professor Emeritus, Ceramic Art, College of Art & Design, Konkuk University
    Suh, Seung Hyun
    • B.F.A./ M.F.A. Graduated From Kok-Kuk University
    • Ph.D.Course Complete, Garduate School of NID Fusion Technology, Seoul National University Of Science and Technology
    • Solo Exhibitions 8 Times
    • Over 200 Times Group Exhibitions
    • CEO, Chae Yeon Ceramic Arts Studio
    Yang, Seung Ho
    • Started working with clay since 1974
    • Approximately 250 exhibitions in many countries
    • Nemours prizes and awards from Britain, Swiss, Germany, New Zealand
    • Currently working in Korea and France.
    • Mainly involved in wood fired ceramic and eco art projects
    Yoo, Hye Jin
    • Graduated Konkuk Unversity (Major:Artistic Crafts) by 1988
    • President of Konkuk Ceramic Club since 2018
    • Member of Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association
    • Mentor of Gyeonggi Social Art
    • President, Tongtonghan Doye Workshop
    Yoon, Seok Woon
    • M.F.A Kyunghee University
    • Member of Korea Fine Art Association
    • Lecturer, Yeoju College, Gunsan University
    • Lecturer, Kangwon Universite, Kyunghee University
    • Lecturer, Namyangju City hall pottery class
    You, Heh Ja
    • B.F.A College of Fine Arts Ewha Womans University
    • M.E.D Ewha Womans University
    • 15th Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Canada, U.S.A, U.K)
    • Participated in over 600 exhibitions consisting of Invitational Group, International exhibitions
    • 9 times of International Workshop (Vancouver, Nashivelle, SF, Oregon, London Belgium, ISCAEE, Wales, HongKong)
    • Committee and Jury Member, Attained the Korean Crafts Prize and Grand Prize
    • Emeritus Professor, Ewha Womans University
    • Director, Ceramic Art Space & Gallery TOYOU