2022 Switzerland-Korea

Invitational Ceramic Exhibition

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  • Congratulatory Message
    It's a great honor to hold the ‘2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition’ and the ‘2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Design Exhibition’ at Seoul Cyber University.

    I would also like to acknowledge and express my gratitude to the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea, for their kind assistance and support.
    It is a good example of cultural exchange between two nations with different backgrounds.

    Switzerland and Korea both have a long history of Ceramic art and Design. It is a great opportunity for learning and sharing.

    Good art can influence people almost inconspicuously in so many ways, creating a better understanding between people of different cultures.

    The most important responsibility modern, ever-changing global society is to create effort for world peace and social stability.

    In the future, ceramic art and design should expand its scope of activities for social development as well.

    I sincerely wish these exhibitions to be successful and look forward to future exhibitions bringing both nations together.
    Congratulatory Message
    On behalf of the Embassy of Switzerland in Korea, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Seoul Cyber University for hosting these online ceramic and design exhibitions. It is an honor to see more than 30 Swiss artists getting the opportunity to have their work featured, and I would like to thank the organizers for facilitating this valuable cultural exchange.

    The covid-19 pandemic has posed an immense challenge for the art world over the last two years, and it is especially encouraging to see innovative approaches of cultural collaboration like this as a result of recent hardships. Art allows people to communicate without the barrier of language, and this online exhibition will allow for the artists’ creations to reach new audiences around the world.

    The year 2023 will mark the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations between Switzerland and Korea. It will be an opportunity to develop further artistic collaborations and cultural exchanges. I hope that Swiss and Korean artists can create connections that will last for a long time.

    I’d like to thank Seoul Cyber University for connecting artists between Switzerland and Korea and for organizing this international event in a very timely moment. I am sure that it will be a great success!
    Congratulatory Message
    I am very honored to have the opportunity to congratulate everyone who made the '2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition' and '2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Design Exhibition' happen.

    Seoul Cyber University is not only leading in educational system but also will be leading in system of exhibitions.

    I appreciate foresightedness of the university for future society and for supporting these international exhibitions.

    Switzerland is one of the friendliest countries and for a long period of time Korea has maintained an amicable relationship with it.

    I sincerely hope that '2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition' and '2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Design Exhibition' will be a huge success and that it will contribute to the development of both cultures.
    Congratulatory Message
    After exhibitions at the Hanyang University in Seoul and at the International Craft Biennale in Cheongju, Swiss ceramists and designers now have the honour and the opportunity to show their works, together with their Korean colleagues, at the "2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Ceramics and Design Exhibition". The multifaceted, lively exchange between Switzerland and South Korea can thus be considered a success story. Following on from this, the current online project has added a new dimension to the established cultural exchange between the two countries. The invitation of the Cyber University in Seoul offers selected artists and designers of our country a top-class platform to present their exhibits. The digital format of this show enables dissemination far beyond the boundaries of the host country, the Republic of Korea.

    As curator of the Swiss ceramicist delegation, I congratulate the Seoul Cyber University on this ambitious exhibition project. In particular, I would like to thank Professor Lee Boo Yun, Chair Professor of the Seoul Cyber University, for her commendable initiative and tireless efforts, without which the "2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Ceramics and Design Exhibition" would have been unthinkable. And I would express my deep gratitude to the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea for its encouragement and its sponsoring support in making this project happen. I wish all participants and visitors a beautiful and successful exhibition.
    Congratulatory Message
    Over 500 years ago, Asian Artists and Designers began to create works of art with paper and scissors. From China to Indonesia, Persia and the Balkans, this technique made its way to Switzerland, and developed into a very important form of expression there. Motifs of folk and alpine everyday life are still world-famous today. But contemporary papercutting Designers also take on topics relevant to the environment and to socially relevant themes. They work with playful imagination and joy of discovery, with a variety of forms and expressiveness. They hone their technique, try out new things and challenge the viewer.

    Many thanks to Professor Lee, Boo Yun, Chair Professor of the Seoul Cyber University, to the host of this show, the Seoul Cyber ​​University, and to the Embassy of Switzerland in Korea, for the wonderful opportunity to present this traditional Swiss Design at the 2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Design Exhibition.

    I wish the visitors a lot of fun in discovering the artists and their masterpieces.
    Congratulatory Message
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to president Kang, In and vice president Lee, Hyang Ah for supporting exhibitions that are held at Seoul Cyber University.

    In addition, I appreciate the assistance of Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea.

    '2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition' and '2022 Switzerland-Korea Invitational Design Exhibition' would not have been possible without the enthusiasm, support and generosity of all of the participating ceramic artists and designers.

    I sincerely hope that these exhibitions of contemporary ceramics and design will contribute to the ongoing cultural and artistic dialogue between Switzerland and Korea and assist in developing new possibilities for further interaction between our vibrant, cultural and artistic communities.
    Bächtold, Jürg C.
    • Beginning with ceramics 1986
    • Autodidact
    • Exhibitions, Switzerland Italy, France, Germany, Croatia, USA, China
    • Workshops Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands
    Balkert, Suzy
    • 2018 Guest Professor Hangzhou Academy of Art (China)
    • 2019 Swiss Ceramics Association Exhibition (Switzerland)
    • 2021 1st Prize, International Coffee Cup Competition (Taiwan)
    • 2021 Latvia Ceramics Biennale, Martinsons Award
    • 2021 International Exhibition, Mino (Japan)
    Bellenot, Joëlle
    • Joëlle Bellenot is born in 1959 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. She has a diploma of the University of Applied Sciences, Art and Design of Geneva. She was a teacher at the Applied Art Schools in Geneva. Since 2005, she’s a professor at the Applied Art School of Vevey, in the Ceramic Department. She has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions in Switzerland and abroad, and has participated in collective and individual exhibits all over the word. She is member of AIC.
    Betz, Sabina
    • Education and SNE (University of Fribourg, CH)
    • Workshops and Master Classes: working with clay and porcelain
    • Own studio since 2009
    • Group exhibitions in France and Belgium
    Burkhardt-Guallini, Angela
    • 2020 - TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Ceramics Biennale Competition, Finalist
    • 2019 - SASAMA, JAPAN, Shimada City Price
    • 2012 - VARAZDIN, CROATIA, Silver Award
    • 2007 - ICHEON, SOUTH KOREA, Diploma of Honor
    • 2005 - MINO, JAPAN, Ceramics Design, Bronze Award
    Daepp, Margareta
    • Since 1999 Teaching post in Ceramics at the CFP Arts in Geneva
    • 2009 Master in Design | Art + Innovation, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basle
    • Member of IAC International Academy of Ceramics
    • Artist in Residence in Shigaraki, Seto, Japan and EKWC, NL
    • 2018 «Humanistic Return – The Spiritual Origin of Ceramic Art», TCB Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    Duò-Meyer, Sonja
    • Since 1975, my first encounter with the material, I have devoted myself exclusively to clay. I experiment with different working methods and firing techniques in my studio.
    • It is an attempt to stop time for just a moment, whenever my work affects somebody, be it with a cup or an object.
    • I had chosen to concentrate on vessels as subject.
    • Every beginning entails an infinite number of outcomes, and every ending contains the germ of innumerable new beginnings.
    • This handmade porcelain vase is of a grey colour, with a cove running over the top part of the vase.
    Fink, Peter
    • Swiss Art & Design Prize 2019
    • Prix jumelles 2017
    • Potter for over 35 years, working hand in hand with artists designers and architectes
    • Diploma from the Art schools of Vevey and Bern, Switzerland
    Füzesi Heierli, Zsuzsa
    • Born 1953.
    • 1979 graduate of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
    • 2008 Doctor of Liberal Arts at University of Pécs - Hungary
    • 1092/1996/2017 won three main prices at Hungarian National Ceramics Biennale
    • Works in public collections in, among others, Geneva-Switzerland and Washington-USA
    Gassmann, Estelle
    • Works as a ceramic and textile designer and artist in Zurich (CH)
    • 2018 Residency at Jingdezhen International Studio, Jingdezhen, China
    • 2014 Residency at the EKWC European Ceramic Work Centre, s’ Hertogenbosch (NL)
    • Several group and solo exhibitions mainly in Switzerland
    • Works in public and private collections such as Musée Ariana, Genève or Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich
    Georg, Lea
    contact@leageorg.ch / www.leageorg.ch
    • Studies: State Institute of Ceramic Art “G. Ballardini”, Faenza (I), University of Arts in Porcelain Design, Krefeld (D), University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Zürich (CH)
    • Since 1988 Participation in national and international exhibitions: Solo exhibitions: Switzerland, Germany; Group exhibitions: Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, France, Taiwan, Slovenia, Indonesia, Poland, USA, Korea, Spain, Denmark, Germany
    • Her work has been honored several times with a prize or a mention
    • Member of IAC and Swissceramics
    • She works and lives in Zurich
    Jeanneret-Gris Colin
    • Born in 1997, graduated from the Vevey School of Applied Art (CEPV, CFC Céramique)
    • Training in decoration and installation with Augustin Rebetez
    • Apprenticeship and working in scenography, decoration and typographic printing within the Association Générale des Mains Sales
    • Exhibitions, multiple adventures and founding member of the collective Tadam Cie’Rkus
    • Official ceramist of the Association Générale des Mains Sales
    Heid, Nathalie
    • Self-employed, Ceramic studio Bern
    • Founder and producer of the label www.wasserurne.ch
    • National and international publications and grants
    • National and international exhibitions, collections
    • Active Member of swissceramics
    Jakob, Stefan
    • born in Winterthur Switzerland,1961
    • teacher for art and craft, HGKZ Zurich
    • member of swissceramics
    • winner, Prix Jumelles, Le transfert de savoir-faire“, Ballenberg Schule, Brienz, 2018
    • solo and group exhibitions in several countries
    Leuthold, Marc
    18516622127@163.com / www.marcleuthold.com
    • Marc Leuthold has been invited to create and exhibit art all over the world and seeks cross-cultural experiences, collaborations and friendships.
    • Leuthold won second prize in the first Blanc de Chine International Porcelain competition. He has exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington DC and the China National Art Museum in Shanghai.
    • Leuthold has written numerous articles about ceramics - most of which have been published in New Ceramics/Neue Keramik Journal of Germany.
    Maeder, Rebecca
    • 2007: World Ceramic Biennale Korea: bronze prize
    • 2010: NASPA Förderpreis “Mixed-Media“(D): young ceramic prize
    • 2013: XI Biennal internacional de ceramica, Manises (E): design prize
    • 2018: Hangzhou International Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennale (Chine)
    • 2022: international ceramics fair St-Sulpice, Paris (France)
    Nägeli, Judith
    • 1995 throwing courses, 1996 internship in Australia, 1998 internship in Ireland
    • 2000-2002 apprenticeship in Guarda, Switzerland
    • 2004-2007 courses in printing on ceramics, moulding, glazes at SFGB in Berne
    • 2013/2014 course instructor at Migros Klubschule, Berne
    • From 2003 regular participation in trade fairs and exhibitions
    Ritsch, Helga
    ritsch@helga-ritsch.com / www.helga-ritsch.com
    • Study architecture ETH Zurich and Art history University Zurich
    • Education as ceramic artist with ceramic master Mathies Schwarze
    • Solo exhitbion in Tokyo
    • Group exhibitions (Selection): Geneva,WW Hong-Kong, Kyoto, London, Pontresina, Seoul
    • Working as an independent artist since 1996
    Ruegg, François
    f.ruegg@bluewin.ch / www.francoisruegg.com
    • Participating since 1985 in various national and international exhibitions
    • Has received numerous awards for his work, which are in various museums and collections.
    • His work has been oriented for many years on the recovery of various forms and objects, and takes a critical look at our way of live.
    Schaub Laurin
    • Apprenticeship as potter by Robert Wehrle, Willisau Switzerland
    • Graduation from the Ceramics Design School in Bern, Switzerland
    • Several group and solo exhibitions in Switzerland and Europe
    • Several national awards, including a Federal Swiss Design Award
    • Teacher at the Ceramics Design School in Bern
    Schneider, Maude
    info@ceraquoi.ch / www.ceraquoi.ch
    • Ceramic section teacher in the Art school of Vevey, Switzerland
    • 2022 Migration, Museum Ariana, Geneva, Switzerland
    • 2022 Contemporary art museum Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland
    • 2022 Contemporary gallery C, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    • 2021 “Mutantes”, Museum of Art and History of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    • 2019 Price of the Lachat Fondation, Bern, Switzerland
    Schoenmann, Evelyne
    art@schoenmann-ceramics.ch / www.schoenmann-ceramics.ch
    • Ceramist, curator and writer / Member of IAC/AIC International Academy of Ceramics
    • Exhibitions all over Europe, Switzerland, USA and Asia
    • Represented in collections and museums in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, USA, Israel, Europe and Switzerland
    • Realizes symposia for her international ceramic group “Diagonal11”
    Steinemann, Andreas
    • Foundation course, School of Art and Design, Zurich
    • Diploma in graphic design, School of Art and Design, Zurich
    • Participation in national and international exhibitions
    • Silver Prize, Ceramics for Use, World Ceramic Biennale Korea
    • Own studio in Lenzburg, Swiss
    An, Byoung Gug
    • Mok-Won University (BFA)
    • Kookmin University (MFA)
    • National Ceramic School of Italy
    • 10 private exhibitions & around 200 group exhibitions.
    • The dean of the Department of Ceramic Art in Mok-Won university
    Cha, Jeong Il
    • Daejeon Art Festival, Turkey-Korea Invitational exhibition.
    • Chung-Nam Industial Design Assosiation, Korean crafts council exhibition.
    • Invitational Artist of Korea Dae-jeon Art Assosiation.
    • 11th Solo Exhibitions
    • Assistant professor in the Department of ceramic design in Mokwon university
    Chang, Jee Won
    • B.F.A. Seoul national Univ.
    • M.F.A. Hong-Ik Univ.
    • 11 solo exhibitions
    • many times of group exhibitions
    Choi, Gi rim
    • B.A in Ceramic Design, Kunsan National University, South Korea
    • Master's degree in Special Education, Woosuk University, South Korea
    • 2012 Mudeung Art Competition (Grand prize)
    • 2012 Korea Ceramics Competition (Gold prize)
    • 2018 Namwon International Ceramics Camp Invited Artist
    Choi, Ji Min
    • B.A Kwandong UniversityMaster's degree at Sookmyung Women's University
    • 12 solo exhibitions
    • special prize of korean art competition, Excellence Award of the Korean Contemporary Ceramics Competition, Silver Award of the Cheongju International Crafts Biennale
    • Park Joon-Yong Award for Arts and Culture, Young Artist Award for Gangneung
    Choi, Ju Yeon
    • B.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University
    • M.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University
    • Cermic-team of Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute (Training)
    • 7Times Solo Exhibitions
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Ceramic Design, Mokwon University
    Choi, Sung Jae
    • Professor at the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage.
    • Member of International Academy of Ceramics.
    • Border Member of Korea Society of Ceramic Arts.
    • Member of Korean Contemporary Ceramic Arts Association.
    • Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. U.K.
    Han , Ju Won
    • Present : Lecturer, Hanyang Women's University/ Lecturer, Induk University/ CEO, Studio J1
    • B.M.F/M.F.A Ceramic of Fine Art at Ewha Womans University in Korea
    • Solo Exhibition 1time(by invitation), Numerous Group Exhibitions
    • Certified International Porcelain Artist and Teachers. (Inc.2007.USA)
    Hong ,Seong Hee
    • 2019-present, Master’s course of Ceramic Arts, Dankook University
    • Second prize in the 19th Teabowl Contest, Korea, 2019
    • Group exhibition in China Yixing Ceramics Museum, 2019
    • Invitational group exhibition in KoAA Gallery, Korea, 2021
    Huh, Min Ja
    • 20 times Ceramic Solo Exhibition
    • The 30 years of Korean Contemporary Ceramic Arts
    • Biennale of Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Arts
    • Contemporary Korean Ceramics- World Ceramic EXPO
    • 1995, Cheongju International Crafts Biennale
    • Present, Emeritus Professor of Jeju National University
    Hwang, Hyun Sook
    • 1972 ; M.A in ceramic Design, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, U.S.A.
    • 1970 ; B.F.A. Seoul National University, Korea
    • 2004-1984; instructor in universities
    • 2013, 2009, 2004, 1987, 1983 ; Solo Exhibition
    • Permanent collection; National Museum of Contemporary Art
    Hwang, In Sung
    • B.F.A/M.F.A Hongik University. Ceramics.
    • Representative Potter of DAEBUYO
    • Lecture of Korea National Universty of Cultural Heritage.
    • President of MUN-GWANG KILN BUILDING
    • Many times Solo and Group Exhibition, International Workshop
    Hwang, Seung Wook
    • Seoul National University, Doctor of Arts
    • Present: Assistant Professor, Department of Design and Material Studies, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Korea
    Jeong, Ho Jeong
    • Completed Ph. D Course in Ceramics, Ewha Womans University
    • 7 times Solo Exhibitions
    • 2019 Perspectivism, Ewha Art Center, Seoul, S. Korea
    • 2019 Korean International Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, S. Korea
    • 2019 Contemporary Ceramic in Asia, China Academy of Art Museum, Hangzhou, China
    Jeong, Maeng Ryong
    • B.F.A / M.F.A Department of Craft, Kyungsung University
    • 11times Solo Exhibition(France, Japan, Turkey, Seoul, Busan)
    • 200Times group ,Invitation, Event and Contest Exhibitions(Japan, China, UK, Korea, France)
    • Member of ISCAEE & B.F.A.A. / B.C.S / D.C.S.
    Jo, Yong Kyu
    • Doctor of Formative Arts and Design, Kunsan University
    • 9th solo exhibitions
    • Recommended Artist for Mudeung Art Exhibition
    • Instructor at Chonnam Provincial University
    • Mokpo Living Pottery Museum Educator
    Jung, Hyun Hee
    • M.F.A in Ceramic Design, Ewha Womans University
    • 5 Solo Exhibitions, more than 70 Group Exhibitions
    • At present: adjunct professor, Kookmin University
    Kang, In Kyung
    • 2015 Ph.D. Candidate, Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
    • Solo Exhibitions 4 Times
    • 2021 Blooming From Earth-Yongsan Art & Craft Center Special Exhibition
    • Finalist 2021 International COFFEE CUP Competition.
    • Member of IAC-AIC
    Keum, Jeong Hee
    • 2016. Graduated from Graduate School of Kunsan National University, Doctoral Degree of Ceramic Art
    • 13 Private Exhibitions / 150 group exhibitions.
    • Present : Korea Formative Arts Association, Sejong branch
    • Korea Fine Art Association, Sejong branch
    • The Korea Formative Arts & Design
    Kho, Sung Jong
    • 17 Solo Exhibitions, 510 Group Exhibitions
    • Imagination of Korea Exhibition, USA, Newzealand, Uzbekistan
    • Exhibition of Incorporated Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association
    • Dean and Environment of Gangneung-wonju Nationl University He served as the head of a plastic research institute
    • Collection: Nationnal Museum, Elburton Museum. England Book: Urban and Enviromen Design, Urban Environment and Mural Design
    Kim, Jang Ryong
    • M.A Department of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Arts, Japan
    • 16 individual exhibitions, many group exhibitions
    • The Society of Artistic Design of Korea (KSAD), the Association of Art of Korea (KFAA), and the International Society for the Education and Exchange of Pottery Education (ISCAEE).Korea Craftsmen Association (KCC).
    • Professor. Department of Design, major Ceramic of Chung-Ang University
    Kim, Ji Hye
    • Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University, Ceramics
    • 2021 Into the New World: UTOPIA (Korean Craft Museum, Chung-ju, Korea)
    • 2020 IAC Member’s Exhibition (Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum, China)
    • 2019 Dreaming the Craft of the Future: Cheongju Craft Biennale (Dong Bu Chang Go, Chung-ju)
    • 5. Urnen (EKWC, Almystraat 10, 5061 PA Oisterwijk, Netherlands)
    Kim, Ji Woo
    • M.F.A, Kyungsung University
    • Invitation Exhibition for Korean University Students' Artworks (2019)
    • LIFE AND CRAFT-Forms of ceramic, Busan (2020)
    • Busan, Youth Creative Group Jo In-jeon (2020)
    • Busan, Youth Creative Group Barim Exhibition (2020)
    Kim, Joon Young
    • currently a professor at Myongji College
    • 2014, Silver Prize japan international Ceramics Competition Mino
    • 2011, Juror's Choice World Ceramic Biennale international Competition
    • 2011, Grand Prize Japan CCDO Design Award
    • 2007, Winner RED DOT Competition
    Kim, Myung Sun
    • 2020 Ph.D. Graduate School of Hongik University
    • 2011 M. F. A. Graduate School Of Industrial Art, Hongik
    • 2002 B. F. A. College Of Craft department, Chung-Ang University
    • 2018~ Lecturer at Dankook University.
    Kim Sang Woo
    • 2011: 9th International Ceramics Competition Mino (Japan): Honourable mention
    • 2016: Bayerischer Staatspreis, Internationale Handwerksmesse München (Germany)): Gold Medal
    • 2017 Loewe craft prize, finalist
    • 2018: 60th Faenza prize exhibition (I)
    • 2022: international ceramics fair, St-Sulpice, Paris (France)
    Kim, Shi Man
    • B.F.A/M.F.A Hong-ik University
    • 17th Solo Exhibition
    • Chairman, Korea Society of Ceramic(2010~11)
    • President, Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association(2020~21)
    • Present : Professor, Sungshin Women’s University
    Kim, Suk Lan
    • M.F.A, Ceramic of Fine Art, Ewha Womans Univ.
    • B.F.A, Ceramic Art, Dan Kook Univ.
    • 4 Solo Exhibitions, 1 double Exhibition
    • Group Exhibition – over 90
    • Present) - Adjunct Professor of Induk Univ.
    • CEO in Artist Kim’s Ceramic Studio
    Kim, Yoo Joo
    • M.F.A & B.F.A, Seoul National University College of Fine Art
    • Artist member of IAC, member of KCCAA
    • 4times solo show, dozens of group show, biennale etc.
    • Work at STUDIO 508
    Kim, Young Sil
    • Ph.D Art education, Hanyang University
    • Tradition and Diversity Invitational Exhibition ; UK, Belgium, Netherland, Germany and Korea (2017),
    • 2020 Turkey-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition
    • 2021 China-Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition
    • The 2nd Special Invitation Society for Art of Education of the Korea(2021)
    • The 100-person beauty pageant of Korea (Rome, Italy)
    • Seoul City Budget Committee Member (Department of Culture and Arts, 2020, 2019)
    • lecturer, Baekseok Art University, Kangnam University
    Lee, Boo Yun
    leebooyun@naver.com / leeby@hanyang.ac.kr
    • Juror, Selected artist, Invited artist, Korean Industrial designers' Exhibition
    • Chairman, Hong Kong(2012), Turkey-(2013), Australia(2014), China(2015), Austria, Estonia, Ireland and Switzerland(2016), Belgium, Germany, Netherland and UK(2017), Turkey(2020), China(2021)- Korea Invitational Ceramic Exhibition
    • Awards from Seoul City Major(2012) from Minister of culture, Sports and Tourism(2014), from Minister of Education(2014), from president of Korea, Kun Jung award(2018)
    • IAC member
    • Emeritus Professor, Hanyang university
    • Chair professor, Seoul Cyber University
    Lee, Eun Jung
    • 11 individual exhibitions
    • 1st `Chulhwa Buncheong Ware Becomes Industrialized.` Competition a judge.
    • Judges of Daejeon Metropolitan City Selection of Outstanding Craft Designation Projects.
    • Judes of the Chungcheong nam-do Excellent Craft Desingnation Project.
    • Professor of Ceramic Design at Mokwon University College of Art and Design.
    Lee, Eun
    • 2019 Art Teleported Brookly NY, 100 bodart st Gallery, Newyork
    • 2015 Deceptive Desires – The 7th invited solo exhibition, Tongin Gallery, Seoul
    • 2014 59.15%/Yr, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
    • 2012 Pacific Road, Korea Cultural Center, Los Angeles
    • 2011 House & Home, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae
    Lee, Hun Gook
    • Ph.D. Graduate school Han-Yang University
    • Go-Hwang honors professor of Kyung Hee University
    • Institute IL-Hak modern ceramic art
    • A chairman An permanent advisory communitee of the Korean Fine Arts Association
    Lee, Jeong Yong
    • Professor, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage
    • 2019 KCDF Craft and Design Competition Exhibition “Lee Jeong yong's White Porcelain (Seoul, KCDF Gallery)
    • 2015 Take the Old Create a New (Taiwan, Fu-Guei-Tau-Yuan Art)
    • 2013 Porcelain Reloaded (Germany, Wurrttemberg Landesmuseum)
    • 2005 WOCEF “Ceramic House 2” (Yeoju, World Ceramic Living Ware Gallery)
    Lee, Jong Min
    • Member of IAC
    • Chung Ang Crafts & Art Association, Member
    • BA Chung Ang University Crafts & Art
    • Ceramic Artist
    Lee, Kyung Hee
    • 1967~1973. BFA&MFA, College of Fine Art, Seoul National University
    • 1984~1985. Studied in Faenza and Milano
    • 1981~2014. Professorship in Art College,Silla University
    • 1983~2013. 15Times Solo Exhibitions
    • 1983~2014. A Member of Korean contemporary ceramic artists association
    Lee, Myung Soon
    • Ph.D in Design, Kyunghee University
    • 13th Myung Soon Lee Individual Exhibition
    • Dublin Invitational Exhibition, Dublin Castle (Ireland)
    • International Comittee Member, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale
    • Professor, Kunsan National University
    Lim, Hun Ja
    • Graduate School of Dankook Univ. M.F.A
    • SNUT Univ. Graduate School of Nano IT Fusion Technology, Ph.D
    • Attended in Exhibition Korea Contemporary Ceramic Art
    • 19th Solo Ceramic Exhibition(1998-2020)
    • Prof. Dept. of Ceramic of Dankook University
    Min, Gi Hi
    • 12 Solo Exhibitions from 1998 to 2021
    • B.F.A College of Fine Arts Ewha Woman's University
    • M.F.A College of Fine Arts Ewha Woman's University
    • 2013 Selected to Compete in the Silver Triennial, Hanau, Germany
    • 2012 Selected to Compete in the Schoonhoven Silver Award, the Netherlands
    Moon, Gi Sook
    • Graduated from Kon-kun University B.F.A
    • Group Exhibition 30 times
    • International Ceramic Exhibition 7 times
    • Korea contemporay ceramist association
    • Korea women ceramist association(KWCA)
    • Korea fine arts association
    Oh, Chang Yoon
    • A doctor's degree in Ceramic Design of Formative Arts department in Dankuk University
    • Solo Exhibition 17 Times
    • Group Exhibition 300 Times
    • <Books> Jeju Culture in view of Ceramic Design and Jeju onggi.
    • Jeju Culture and Planning.
    • Professor, Dept. of Culture & formative Design, College of Art and Design, Jeju National University
    Park, Mi Rae
    • B.F.A. Department of Crafts, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea
    • M.F.A. Department of Crafts, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea
    • 24th Tokyo Tableware Festival of Japan, Tokyo Dome, Japan
    • ‘Excellence Award’ by The 5st Korea Women Ceramist Association
    • 11 times group exhibition
    Park, Soo Yong
    spencer.sy.park@gmail.com / spencer@kakao.com
    • B.F.A., M.F.A. Seoul Natl’ University
    • Doctoral completion. Hanyang University
    • 4 times of Solo Exhibition & many times of Group Exhibitions
    • Member of KCCAA, BCAA, ISCAEE, KSBDA
    • Assistant Professor. Kyungsung University
    Song, Jun Gyu
    • 2022 Cezanne Culture and Arts Center Special Invitation Imagery Landscape Exhibition, Cezanne Culture and Arts Center, China
    • 2022 Gallery ARI Special Invitation 2022 Imagery Night Landscape Exhibition, Gallery ARI
    • 2022 Ningbo International Youth Artists' Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, Korea Gallery
    • ANBD Phuket Special Exhibition, Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa Gallery
    • Present Associate Professor, Ceramic Design Dept., College of Design, Sangmyung Univ.
    Song, Mi Rim
    • 7th Solo Exhibition
    • Exchange Exhibition of professor's Glas gow University from England
    • Halle de I ile gallery in Geneva, Switzerland invitation
    • Japan Korea embassy invitation
    • Indonisia Korean embassy invitation
    • New York. River Side Gallery invitation
    • Present, emeritus professor of dept, ceramic Design at HangYang womans university
    Song, Yeon Ok
    • Graduated from KonKuk Univ. Department of Art and Craft.
    • A number of awards for public offerings
    • Do-Woo Association , KCCAA(Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artist association , KWCA(Korea Women Ceramist Association) member
    • A large number of groups exhibitions.
    • Operation of ‘Nuri’ pottery workshop
    Song, Yon Ok
    • Holding the 7th private exhibitions by Song Yon-ok
    • The peach blossom village story compilation-encounter literature and ceramics.
    • Clay and Glaze for Potter (trans. Han Yang University Press)
    • Ceramics Press Expo Commemoration(Clear Water Love Art Gallery)
    • Ceramics Technician Certificate No.136088
    Suh, Dong Hee
    • 1972 : Ceramic Art and Design, Seoul National University (M.F.A & B.F.A..)
    • 2000-2001 : Dean of College of Art & Design, Konkuk University, Seoul
    • 2010-2013 : Jury, Samill Foundation for Awards in Art
    • 2017 : Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, Marquis Who’s Who
    • Present : Professor Emeritus, Ceramic Art and Design, College of Art and Design, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea
    Yang, Seung Ho
    • Studied Ceramics at Dankook University in Seoul, Korea (1974~1980)
    • 1981~85 Moved to GB and worked in cooperative ateliers and art centre,(1981~1983) Set up atelier, built Tongkama and worked in France(1983~1985)
    • 1985~2000 Set up atelier, built Tongkama in Switzerland, worked in France and Switzerland
    • 2000~2009 Set up atelier, Tongkama in Korea, worked in France, Korea and Switzerland
    • 2009~ Closed the atelier in Switzerland(2009) Working in France and Korea
    Yoo, Hye Jin
    • Graduated Konkuk Unversity (Major:Artistic Crafts) by 1988
    • President of Konkuk Ceramic Club since 2018
    • Member of Korea Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association
    • Mentor of Gyeonggi Social Art
    • President of Tongtonghan Doye Workshop
    Yoon, Seok Woon
    doyega0205@ hanmail.net
    • M.F.A Kyunghee University
    • Member of Korea Fine Art Association
    • As a Lecturer Yeoju College, Gunsan University
    • As a Lecturer Kangwon Universite, Kyunghee University
    • Lecturer Namyangju City hall pottery class
    You, Heh Ja
    • B.F.A College of Fine Arts Ewha Womans University
    • PM.ED Ewha Womans University
    • 15th Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Canada, U.S.A, U.K)
    • Participated in over 600 exhibitions consisting of Invitational Group, International exhibitions
    • P9 times of International Workshop (Vancouver, Nashivelle, SF, Oregon, London Belgium, ISCAEE, Wales, HongKong)
    • Committee and Jury Member, Attained the Korean Crafts Prize and Grand Prize
    • Emeritus Professor, Ewha Womans University